O mne

Miluj, čo robíš a rob, čo miluješ… Je to ťažké v dnešnom svete a každý sa hľadá, no ja sa nachádzam tu a takto…


My name is Peter Culka and I’m a professional photographer from Slovakia, based in Bratislava.

I love pure nature, mountains and everything what makes my mind free.

The very first time I picked up a camera was as I was 20 years old working in a media house. Since then I worked as a freelancer and continue to do so as a commercial and wedding photographer.

My work can be seen in various fashion and lifestyle magazines like Inspire, Playboy, OK! and La Femme.

My portfolio includes also clients like Regency Casino, Orange, Mixer Shoes, T-Com & T-Mobile, BMW and KIA Motors.